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  Monday 5th January 2015 Full Council Meeting
  Monday 19th January 2015 Finance Meeting
  Monday 12th January 2015 Planning Meeting
  Monday 2nd of February Full Council Meeting
  Monday 9th February Planning meeting
  Monday 2nd March Full Council Meeting
  Monday 9th March Full Council Meeting
  Monday 9th March Planning Meeting
  Monday 13 April Full Council
  Monday 13 April Annual Assembly
  Wednesday 22 April Interview
  Monday 20th April Planning meeting
  Tuesday 28th April Open Spaces
  Thursday 14th May Annual Council Meeting
  Thursday 14th May Full Council
  Monday18th May planning
  Monday 1June Full Council
  Monday 8th June Planning
  Monday 22 June Fabrics
  Monday 15th June Open Spaces
  Monday 13th June Planning
  Monday 14th July Full Council
  Monday 27th July Open Spaces
  Monday 3rd August


  Monday 7th September Full Council
  Mondayt 21st September Open Spaces
  Monday 5th October Full Council
  Monday 19th October Communications
  Monday 26th October Fabrics
  Monday 2nd November Full Council
  Monday 16th November Finance
  Monday December 7th Full Council
  Monday December 14th Planning


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