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News letter circulation :

The newsletter can be obtained from the following outlets:-

Village News  Nisa Spar 
Coach & Horses The Ship The Plough
Holy Trinity Church Methodist church Holy Family church
Greenfield Caravan park Lamaleach Caravan park Sports and Social Club
Londis Freckleton Health Centre The Rawstrone Centre



Do you or anyone you know have difficulty with reading the Parish Councils newsletter?

The Parish Council is considering producing the quarterly newsletter in alternative formats, such as large print format, on tape, on CD or Braille, to meet the needs of those members of the Parish who have impaired eyesight.

If you know of any person who would like to receive a copy of the newsletter in any of these alternative formats, please inform any member of the Council or the Parish Clerk, stating your name and address and the preferred format, i.e. large print, tape, CD or Braille? And we will arrange for a copy to be delivered to you.
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