Your Parish Councillors and Contact Details:


Freckleton Village

Councillor Mrs P Mulholland 01772 437732
Councillor Mrs C Thomas 07966 831660
Councillor Mr K McKay 01772 634345
Councillor Mrs N Griffiths 01772 631870
Councillor Mr T.J. Fiddler 01772 634889
Councillor Mrs E Willis 01772 632777
Councillor Mrs F Craig-Wilson 01772 632119
Councillor Mrs N Whalley 07715 359451
Councillor Mrs Jill Atherton 07766 104074  
Outer Freckleton    
Cllr T Threlfall 01772 633964
Clerk to the Council    
Mr. K Armistead 01253 738951
The Clerk can be contacted by phone during normal Council Office hours - 9:00am to noon, Monday to Friday.


Freckleton Parish Council Election of Officials 2023-24

Chairman – Councillor Mrs. P Mulholland
Vice Chairman – Councillor T Fiddler,

Finance Committee

Chairman - Councillor Mrs. P Mulholland
Vice- Chairman – Councillor Mrs. N Whalley.
Members: The full Council

Open Spaces/Fabrics Committee

Chairman - Councillor T Threlfall,
Vice- Chairman – Councillor Mrs. C Thomas.
Members – Councillors K McKay, Mrs E Willis, Mrs. P Mulholland, T Fiddler, Mrs. N Whalley, Mrs. J Atherton and a member of the Freckleton in Bloom Committee.

Planning Committee

Chairman - Councillor K McKay
Vice-Chairman – Councillor Mrs. L Willis
Members: The full Council (except Cllr T Threlfall)

Communications Committee

Chairman – Councillor Mrs. F Craig-Wilson
Vice- Chairman – Councillor Mrs. N Griffiths
Members - Councillors K McKay and Mrs. J Atherton

Members on Committees of other Organisations and Bodies:

It was resolved to appoint the following representatives:-
Rawstorne Sports Centre Management – Councillors T Fiddler, Mrs. N Griffiths, Mrs. N Whalley and Mrs. L Willis.
Old Peoples' Welfare - Councillors Mrs E Willis and Mrs. J Atherton
Village Hall Management - Councillors Mrs. L Willis, T Threlfall and Mrs. N Griffiths
Fylde CAB
Freckleton Charities Trust - Councillors T Fiddler, T Threlfall and Mrs. L Willis.
Parish Liaison meeting – Councillors J Graham, Mrs. N Whalley, Mrs. P Mulholland and Mrs. F Craig-Wilson
BAE Community Liaison group – Councillors K McKay, Mrs. L Willis and Mrs. N Whalley.
SITA Community Liaison Panel – Councillor T Threlfall
Club Day committee – Councillor Mrs. L Willis
Freckleton in Bloom – Councillor T Threlfall
Friends of the Memorial park – Councillor T Threlfall.
Governor of Strike Lane School – Councillor Mrs. P Mulholland.
Governor of C of E School – Councillor Mrs. C Thomas.
Friends of Freckleton Library – Councillor K McKay.

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