Parish Council Procedures

Copies of the relevant documents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the appropriate title or link

1. Freckleton Parish Council Standing orders (January 2017)
The Standing orders relate to the procedures the Council follow when conducting their business.

2. Freckleton Parish Council Financial Regulations (January 2017)
The Financial regulations relate to how the Parish Councils finances are controlled.

3. Code of Conduct (revised as at 3rd September 2012)
The code of conduct relates to the way the Parish Councillors should behave when on Council business.

4. Code of Practice for handling complaints (October 2012)
This code of practice is designed for those complaints that cannot be resolved by less formal measures or explanation provided to the complainant by the Clerk.

5. Data Protection Policy (January 2017)
The Data Protection Policy sets out standards for the handling of personal information and protecting individuals’ rights for privacy.

6. General Data Protection Regulation (January 2019)
This document details the Parish Council General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy.

7. Information available from Freckleton Parish Council under the Model Publication Scheme
This document lists the information available from the Parish Council, how it may be obtained and any fees that may be payable.

8. Councillor’s Disclosable Pecuniary interests and Other Interests
Under Section 30 of the Localism Act 2011, Councillors, including Town and Parish Councillors, are required to register their Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in the Register maintained by the Monitoring Officer of the Council. The Act also requires the Monitoring Officer to publish the register of interests on its website. All the received forms for parish councils are on the Fylde Borough Council website.

9. Asset Register
The Asset Register provides a list of all Freckleton Parish Council assets.

10. Terms of reference for the Committees (May 2023)
The Terms of reference for the Committees are detailed in this document.

11. CCTV Camera Policy (June 2019)
This document details the Parish Council CCTV Camera Policy.

12. Website Accessibility Statement (July 2020)
This document details the Parish Council Website Accessibility Statement.

13. Environmental Biodiversity and sustainability Plan (Feb 2024)
This document details the Parish Council Website Accessibility Statement.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : How much are Freckleton Parish Councillors paid for attending Parish Council Meetings?

A1 : Freckleton Parish Councillors are not paid to carry out any function of the Council.

The exception being the Chairman, who is paid an annual sum of £100 to off-set any out of pocket expenses, when representing the Parish at official functions.

Q2: How can I find out how Freckleton Parish Council spends my council Tax?

A2 :The clerk prepares expenditure summaries each month and these are compared against the agreed budgets, to ensure the expenditure is controlled. Income relates to money received from the FBC in respect of the budgets set by the Parish Council. This information is published in that months Parish Council meeting report. 

Control of the Parish Councils Finances is governed by the Freckleton Parish Councils Financial regulations., item 2 above

Q3: Who or what controls the proceedings of the Parish Council?

A3: The Parish Council proceedings are controlled by Legal documents issued by the Government. These are included in the Freckleton Parish Council Procedures, 1 to 5 above

Q4: When I send a letter to the Parish Council I do not get a reply?

A4: It is Parish Council policy to reply to all letters when supplied with name and address. However anonymous letters are  ignored

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