Q1: The roads and footpaths in the parish are in a sorry state, when is the Parish Council going to improve them?
 A1:  Upkeep of the roads and footpaths in the Parish is the responsibility of the Lancashire County Council. However the Parish maintains contact, and highlights work that needs doing, but the way the LCC budgets are prioritised means that other areas in a worse condition are dealt with first.

The contact point for the public to go direct to the LCC is Lancashire Highways Partnership, on 08450 530 01; e-mail enquiries can be sent to, or write to Lancashire highways Partnership, Environmental Directorate, LCC PO Box , Guild House, Cross Street, Preston PR1 8RD

Direct gov has opened a new web site, which enables you to complain directly to the local authority about the condition of roads and footpaths. The more complaints the more likely something will be done. Click here to access the complaints site. and follow the instructions.

 Q2: Thoughtless parking in the village creates danger spots, damages the footpaths and cause obstructions for disabled people, particularly those using mobility aids such as wheel chairs. What is the Parish Council doing about it?
 A2:  This is an ongoing problem. Parkwise have been contacted and penalty notices have been served. Where parking is obstructing the pavement Lancashire Constabulary issues penalty notices. One problem is that a lot of the thoughtless parking is caused by non-residents. The Parish Council is currently holding an active dialogue with LCC, the constabulary and shop owners on ways and means to prevent this type of incident. 

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